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Body Boyz United® The Fitness, Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Company for Men Worldwide! “Empowering U2B-Body Fit!”



In the summer of 2009, founder Sydney “Flex” Porter organized an event entitled Body Boyz United in Las Vegas with the sole purpose to bring diverse fit and health- minded men together to bond, network and celebrate fitness and brotherhood.  The following year in 2010, Body Boyz United LLC (“BBU”) was formed and over the years has evolved to become one of the nation’s leading fitness training and nutrition resource for men around the world.



Body Boyz United® "BBU" is one of the nation's leaders in fitness, health and wellness for men Worldwide! BBU is your resource guide on fitness training and nutrition to help you with your health and fitness goal.


Body Boyz United specializes in the following:

  • Producing and presentng the Ripped Men’s Physique Competition and Fitness Events!


Looking Ahead:

BBU mission is to launch the following in the upcoming years:

  • Fitness and sports apparel (Summer of 2018)

  • Producing the BBU premier supplements, as well as, retailing the world’s premier supplements

  • BBU Fitness TV Channel

  • Fitness Workout Gym



Empower, inspire, influence and educate men of the importance of making fitness a lifestyle. Also, to provide a platform for all men, but especially men of color in the field of fitness, health, nutrition, fashion and modeling to be recognized, honored and celebrated for their huge accomplishments all over the world.


DISCLAIMER: The information provided on the fan page and website is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of any healthcare professional. Consult your physician before making changes to your diet, supplement or exercise program.

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