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Getting positive reinforcement for all your hard work bolsters your enthusiasm for the muscle game and motivates you to hit the weights with renewed intensity. This strengthens your drive to excel in the sport and enables you to drive right past that pizzeria without even looking back, knowing that the short-term sacrifices you make will pay off big in the long run. 



Reinforcement also provides new support for your commitment to drug-free bodybuilding. So what if it takes longer to reach your physique goal? At least the muscle growth is coming, and it’s the real thing, not some artificially induced effect that will soon go away.



 Reinforcement fortifies your intensity and concentration. Instead of losing focus and dividing your available mental energy between negative thoughts and the workout at hand, you plunge into your training with renewed stamina. It also provides confirmation of the progress you’ve made to date.


If you have drive and determination, the future inevitably brings more of the same, leading to even greater increases in muscular hypertrophy and strength performance.

Positive Energy = Positive Results

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