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To Put Teeth Into Your Shoulder Training

If you’re looking to bring your shoulder up, put some teeth into your shoulder training with this pyramid-focused delt routine. You begin with a pair of multijoint exercises, which recruit more muscle mass than single-joint moves, so you’ll go relatively heavier for fewer reps (as few as six) to realy tax the fast-twitch muscle fibers for greater gains in size and strength. Example Exercise: Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press. After the compound exercises, you’ll perform three single-joint moves, one for each of the delts heads. These are done with a relatively lighter weight than what you’ll use for your multijoint moves, shifting the reg range slightly higher (8-10). 


Exercise: Alternating Front Dumbbell Raise

Targets – Front delts 


Start: Stand with your out and shoulders back, keeping your back straight and feet together, knees soft. Grasp a pair of dumbbells and hold the just outside your thighs with a palms-down grip. Your arsm should be nearly straight.


Execution: Raise one arm directly in front of your body just above shoulder height, keeping it as straight as possible. Lower under control. Then alternate to the opposite side.


Exercise: One-Arm Cable Lateral Raise

Targets- Middle delts 


Start: Attach a D-handle to a lower pulley and stand erect just ouside the apparatus. With your outside hand, grasp the handle with a palm-in grip and position your hand just outside your outer thigh with the cable running in front and look straight forward. Your working arm should be hanging straight down, elbow locked in a slightly bent position.


Execution: Raise your arm out to your side in a side arc, bringing the handle to about shoulder height. At the top, your elbow, shoulder and hand should be in the same plane. Lower under control, stopping when your arm is perpendicular to the floor.


Exercise: Standing Reverse Cable Flyes

Targets – Rear delts 


Start: Detach the handles from the upper pulleys and grasp the rubber ball with the opposite-side hand and stand erect exactly midway between cables. Take one step forward and use a split stance for balance, keeping your knees bent. Position your arms in front of you at eye level, almost fully extended.


Execution: With yyour elbows locked in a slightly bent position, contract your rear delts to pull the handles out wide across your body, bringing your hands as far wide and back as yo can. Your chest should swell as you pull the cables across your body. Hold the peak contraction momentarily, and then allow the weight to pull your hands together again. Smoothly reverse direction..​

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