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A Five Week Abs Workout Program

This Ripped Steel Ab Workout is a five-week program that incorporates the weights you use, reps you complete and your rest periods between sets. Building well-defined abdominals doesn’t happen by accident; it takes hard work and a carefully planned approach. Our five week plan requires you to train your midsection three times a week, resting at least 48 hours between sessions. If possible, do abs on days you’re not training a major bodypart.


Strength Builders - Start by choosing one of three Strength Builder exercises, which are considered advance moves because you can add resistance simply by changing the pin on the weight stack. Be sure to fine-tune the resistance so you hit the target rep (10) by adding/subtracting weight. For your ab workouts later that same week, choose other moves each time.


Sets + Reps: Do three sets of 10 reps the first week. Over the course of the next five weeks, add one plate (about 10 pounds) each week (so that by Week 5 you’ve added four plates), still trying to reach 10 reps but doing as many as you can.


Strength Builder Exercise # 1: Lying Cable Crunch

Target – Upper abs


Lie faceup directly in front of a low-pulley cable with a rope attached, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Grasp the rope with a neutral grip, placing your hands by your ears and locking your arsm sin the position for the duration of the set. Contract your abs to curl up as high as you can, squeezing at the top, then lower to just short of your shoulder blades resting on the floor between reps.


Strength Builder Exercise # 2: Standing Oblique Cable CrunchTarget – Obliques

Stand about 2 feet away from a cable stack, your right shoulder facing the pulley. Attach a D-handle to the high cable and grasp it with an underhand grip, bending your arm about 90 degrees and locking it in the position for the duration of the set. Using your obliquesk crunch dwon laterally as far as you can, holding the peak contraction briefly. Complete all reps for one side, then switch.


Strength Builder Exercise # 3: Double Crunch Machine

Target- Upper, lower abs

Sit inside the machine with your back flat against the pad. Hook your feet under the ankle pads and secure the shoulder pads firmly over your upper torso. Grasp the handles with both hands. With your head in a neutral position and eyes focused forward, crunch your upper body forward while simultaneously lifting your legs toward your upper body. Hold the peak contraction, then return to the start. Don’t allow the weights to touch down between reps to keep the constant tension on your abs.


Size Builders – Choose one of these three Size Builder exercises which are considered intermediate moves. Again, fine-tune the move to hit the target rep (15): for the decline-bench crunch, increase or decrease the angle of the bench if possible; for the hanging knee raise increase or decrease the bend in your knees; for the cable woodchop, add/subtract resistance. Select a different move for the week’s second session, then do the remaining exercise in the final workout.


Sets + Reps: Perform three sets of 15 reps the first week. Over the course of the next five weeks, reduce your rest period between sets by five seconds each week (so by Week 3, you’ve cut 10 seconds off your rest period), still trying to do 15 reps each set. After five weeks, return to the normal rest period with which you can perform 15 reps- at this point, you shoud be able to do a more challenging variation of the move then when you started.


Size Builder Exercise # 1: Decline-Bench Crunch

Target – Upper abs

Set an adjustable bench to a moderate decline and sit squarely on it, with your feet secured under the ankle pads. Cup your hands lightly behind your head and lean backward. Contract your abs to curl up to a point just short of perpendicular to the floor; try to avoid pulling through your hip flexors. Round your back as you rise to increase the abdominal contraction, then lower under control.


Size Builder Exercise # 2 : Hanging Knee Raise

Target – Lower abs

Perform this exercise either hanging from a high bar (using straps if you lose your grip before your abs fatigue) or on a vertical bench that supports your forearms. With an overhand grip hang at arm’s length, bending your knees 90 degrees and locking them in this position. Without swinging your body, contract your abs to bring your knees as high as you an into your chest and lower under control, coming to a stop at the bottom so your don’t generate momentum before the next rep. Note: If you can easily hit the target rep, straighten your legs to make the move harder or ad a twist.


Size Builder Exercise # 3: Cable Woodchop

Target – Upper abs, obliques

Stand erect with your feet outside shoulder width and knees slightly bent alongside a high-pulley cable (with a D-handle or I-handle attached), your right shoulder facing the pulley. Reach across your body with your left hand and grasp the handle, placing yor right hand on top. Keep your arms straight but unlocked throughout the set. Rotate your torso at the waist to the left by contracting your left obliques, pulling the handle down in an arc across your body to a position just below your knee. Keep your left arm as straight as possible. Return and repeat for reps. Do both sides.

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