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Achieve a Better Peak for your Biceps



Have you seen a guy when he flexes his biceps he has rock hard mountain peak biceps? If you’re like most guys you ask the question, how can I achieve a better peak to my biceps? The key lies in bringing about greater development in a little-discussed muscle that sits under-neath the biceps called the brachialis. In a highly defined body-builder, the brachialis appears as a thick “knot” of muscle that pops out of the side of the upper arm when they are flexed and viewed from the rear.The cool thing about the brachialis is that as it grows larger, it will actually “push” the biceps up higher, which will give the appearance of a mountain like peak!


The problem with effectively stimulating the brachialis is that with most standard curling movements the biceps act as the main flexor of the upper arm. You need to choose specific curling exercises that put the biceps in a mechanically weak position, so that the brachialis can get into the game! The more work you can force the brachialis to take on, the more it will be forced to adapt and grow.


The following exercises are custom made to attack the brachialis, allowing you to move a few steps closer to hitting that biceps peak!


Prone Incline EZ-Bar CurlSetup: Set an incline bench at about 30 degrees and lie facedown so that your chest, torso and hips are supported with your arms hanging freely on either side. Take a wide underhand grip on an EX-bar and retract your shoulder blades.


Execution: Curl the bar toward your chin, keeping your upper arms steady and your elbows pointing downward. When your forearms come parallel to the ground, pause and squeeze the muscle before slowly lowering to the start. 


Tip: Stabilize your base by contracting your abs and driving your feet into the floor to better focus on the biceps and get a greater muscular contraction.


Seated Incline Dumbbell CurlSetup: Sit on an incline bench set to about 60 degrees with your feet spread wide for stability. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and allow your arms to hang straight toward the floor, palms facing inward.


 Execution: Keeping your upper arms steady and elbows pointing downward, curl the weights toward your shoulders as high as you can but not at the expense of pulling your elbows forward. As you curl the weight, supinate your hands. Squeeze the muscles hard; then slowly lower to the start.


Tip: To get maximal contraction in the biceps long head, think about bringing your pinkie to the outside of your shoulder by turning your wrists outward at the top position.


You can also use the seated EZ-bar curls to achieve your goal.

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