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Intense Arm Training

Do you want bigger and stronger arms that rip through your shirt? Of course you do! Well, incorporate our Intense Arm Training workout routine that’s certain to spark growth and ignite pumps like never before to your biceps and triceps. Start off with the Standing Barbell or EZ-Bar Curls. Since you can move the most poundage with standing free-weight curls choose a very heavy weight so you reach failure within a relatively low rep range. Read More


Rocky Mountain Peak Biceps

Have you seen a guy when he flexes his bicep that he has rocky mountain peak biceps? If you’re like most guys you ask the question, how can I achieve a better peak to my biceps? The key lies in bringing about greater development in a little-discussed muscle that sits underneath the biceps called the brachialis. In a highly defined bodybuilder, the brachialis appears as a thick “knot” of muscle that pops out of the side of the upper arm when they are flexed and viewed from the rear.  Read More


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