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Massive Delts


When the gym is crowded on a Monday evening and there’s a lineup at the particular machine you desire, you can either wait your turn or you can perform an alternate exercise that achieves similar results. There’s an important benefit to training a body part in more than just one way: Working a muscle in a slightly different manner and from a somewhat different angle can help it grow more fully.  Read More

Pyramid-Focused Delt Routine


If you’re looking to bring your shoulder up, put some teeth into your shoulder training with this pyramid-focused delt routine. You begin with a pair of multijoint exercises, which recruit more muscle mass than single-joint moves, so you’ll go relatively heavier for fewer reps (as few as six) to realy tax the fast-twitch muscle fibers for greater gains in size and strength. Example Exercise: Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press. Read More

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