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Dennis Rodman plays basketball in drag?

Dennis Rodman plays Basketball in Drag! Yes, you heard right. . Rodman pictured above played Basketball in drag during a game in the Legends of Basketball Tour 2014 in Argentina.

When fans heard via Twitter that the former Chicago Bulls star player Dennis Rodman was dressed (shall we say) differently than the other players on the team, the rumors at first was considered a hoax. But if you read Dennis Rodman autobiography that he wanted to play an NBA game in the nude, you can best believe it was all true! According to Bleacher Report on Sunday, Dennis Rodman showed up on the court dressed like a drag queen and played looking that way the entire game.

What impressed some people was the Mohawk. His hair stood straight on end and didn’t move when he worked the shots in the court. Keeping it in place was impressive, but his teammate keeping their eyes on the ball was even more impressive as the Mohawk had to be distracting.

While some might have worried about the other players on the court, it appeared that it was all basketball. Not even remotely expressing any concerns of quizzical looks, the players focused on the games. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

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